Shed & Garden Clearance

The benefits of using a professional shed & garden clearance service.

Your garden is a place for you and your family to relax and enjoy. A place to entertain, to create a haven of flowers, shrubs or even a vegetable patch. If however, the space is cluttered with unwanted items of rubbish or waste, it's not going to be somewhere you want to be and becomes an unusable waste of space.

Garden cuttingsGet in touch with Godfrey Environmental Services Ltd today and we'll help by providing more information on the garden clearance services we offer in and around Hertfordshire and Essex .

Our experienced waste removal team are here to make your life easier. The process of clearing and disposing of lots of garden rubbish such as crumbling fences, decaying sheds and their contents, garden debris, or rusty, broken garden furniture can be quite stressful.

It could be the case that your garden has become overgrown and you've had to cut down lots of organic waste, leaving you with branches, leaves, plants and grass cuttings to dispose of, far too much for your garden recycling bin to cope with.

Rather than you trying to work out the logistics of removing the rubbish, leave it to us, we have the equipment and capability to tackle the job. All we'll leave behind is a clear uncluttered garden for you to enjoy and of course, we'll recycle and dispose of waste responsibly.

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